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Die drei amerikanischen Studenten Kate, Chris und James machen eine Reise nach Japan, um einheimische Tempel zu untersuchen. Durch Zufall finden die Touristen in einer Buchhandlung eine mysteriöse Schatzkarte, die sie bis tief in den japanischen. Temple ein Film von Michael Barrett (II) mit Logan Huffman, Brandon Sklenar. Inhaltsangabe: Die Studentin Kate (Natalia Warner) und ihr. Auf dem Poster zu Michael Barretts Horrorfilm „Temple“ wird damit geworben, dass der Film vom Autor von „You're Next“ und „Blair Witch“ stammt. Das wäre. Im Horrorfilm Temple hält ein japanischer Tempel in den Bergen jede Menge Schrecken für ein paar amerikanische Touristen bereit. Komplette Handlung und​. Drei amerikanische Touristen folgen einer mysteriösen Karte durch den Dschungel Japans, um einen alten Tempel zu suchen. Als Geister sie.

temple film

Im Horrorfilm Temple hält ein japanischer Tempel in den Bergen jede Menge Schrecken für ein paar amerikanische Touristen bereit. Komplette Handlung und​. TEMPLE ist nämlich kein Hit. Der Film schaut zwar super aus. Inhaltlich wurmt es gewaltig. Es ist eben nicht alles Gold was glänzt. - Filmclub Edition 27 [Limited Edition]. 4,6 von 5 Sternen User Ratings. Online fernsehzeitung got me??? Far Beyond the Sun Drama History War. Sign In. They go to the temple and ignore all warnings not to go. Four lost on their way to Coachella stop off in Los Angeles to tour true-crime occult sites, only to encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to ultimate horror. This movie takes forever to get moving, and when its all said and done you are left wondering what the hell just happened The Firm. An der religiösen Stätte angekommen, bemerken die Amerikaner, dass sie von irgendjemandem — oder irgendetwas — verfolgt werden. Hinzu kamen jeden Monat Authentisch, mysteriös, interessant, solide gespielt und toll verfilmt. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Diese Sicherheitsfrage überprüft, ob Sie menschlicher Gallows deutsch sind und click here automatisches Spamming.

I have never watched a movie that does not have an end. This film had a beginning and a middle - it lacked a denouement. Natalia Warner's performance was atrocious.

All she did was smile exaggeratedly in a tone that was quite reminiscent of a valley girl without the 'oh my god's.

There was a lot of subtlety in the feelings she had to convey, and not once was I convinced that I was seeing her as her character.

Brandon Sklenar, on the other hand, was promising, but he was purely decorative thanks to the predictability of his role.

For such a small cast, that had a strong impact. Character development was nonexistent. A group of three is in Japan and they decide to go a temple.

We only know why they are there. That is pretty much it. Next thing we know is a repressed passion surfacing - though it was pretty evident from the first scenes.

Additionally, the sound effects were clumsily put together and did not have any fade-ins and fade-outs.

Finally, the Japanese cast was far superior to the American, but Logan Huffman's performance was acceptable, albeit constantly wearing a face in which he looked lost.

I suspect this was a direction issue. I always tell myself that even a bad movie will have something memorable and will be able to evoke some thoughts or feelings.

Now, I do not consider this a bad movie, simply far from being a complete piece. As such, I am not sure what the takeaway is.

Started of well enough. Acting was OK and the scenery was good. However, 30 minutes into the movie it became apparent that my grass Sir Walter DNA Certified was growing faster than this movie's plot progression.

As stated by other reviewers, the story is incomplete and the actors made the most unbelievably stupid decisions. At the end of the film, the viewer is left with a lot of questions, some of which are; 1.

Was it the wandering murdered monk that was killing everyone, was it the temples protector statue or was it the guy with the broken leg or all three?

Why were the missing dead kids evil and how did they die? How did the guy with the badly broken leg hobble half a mile to kill the other guy?

Why was this movie ever made? This is a far cry from Simon Barrett's work with Adam Wingard. A running time of 78 minutes would be okay if those minutes were packed with meat, but this bone is padded with empty fat calories.

The storyline is like a stretched out short story. Character development is minimal. The payoff is pathetic. The camera work is nice during the set-up scenes in the city and daylight but once the "scary" stuff starts we are literally in the dark, annoyingly so, for long stretches with whatever is finally happening taking place in short bursts in near pitch darkness.

One major "surprise" is obvious right from its initial setup. If you think you're in the mood for this, I'd recommend watching The Forest instead, even if you've already seen it.

Well what can I say about this idiot's delight You can say what you want about this being a subtle treatment about western ignorance, but that doesn't make it a good movie.

And looking at the trailer I don't think that's what the intent was. The vapidness of the characters, I believe, stems from a rushed movie with bad acting.

The dialogue is simply disrespectful to the audience. For example, when trying to buy the journal, the clerk and Chris 'the interpreter' have a back-and-forth in Japanese.

But when the clerk finally says, 'Not for sale' IN English Chris turns to Kate and, with no hint of irony dutifully says, 'She says it's not for sale.

And it goes on an on I see that this isn't even a Simon Barrett script. He's disavowed the writer credit, and wrote an interesting statement in warning to other writers that I suggest giving a read.

Lastly, one thing that really bothers me. This movie is awful, the actors are awful. The one bright point is Japan is beautiful. They couldn't go wrong there, they just did with everything else.

I just watched another Asian horror film, i. Surprised by how much I enjoyed that one, I saw this little thing was available On Demand, so I thought I'd give it a try.

It is almost impossible to state how inept--from top to bottom--this movie is. The publicity as listed by On Demand is completely false. It states sic "three Americans follow a strange man to a temple They followed a year old boy.

Even though they are warned to be sure to be out and away from the temple and the forest before dark, do they listen? Hell no. And it only gets worse after that.

I believe the movie was rated MA Mature audiences. It has a little language, some laughable images, and horrible acting. WHY no movie can just make a decent ending and explain the plot?

I understood nothing It starts OK it develops OK What got me??? Not the plot, seen it all before. Like what happened to the girl?

How did the children die? What happen to Chris? Did he have another breakdown? I mean come on now!!!

I was blown away by how many people found this confusing, incomplete and not executed well! It's a very simple story and told in a very simple way not all over the place!

If anything i would say it was more 'cookie- cutter' of many other films. It isn't a deep philosophical movie with riveting plot line and award winning dialog, the acting wasn't contrived and out of place, all cast fit their roles well.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Logan Huffman Christopher Natalia Warner Kate Brandon Sklenar Ryo Asahi Uchida Ittoku Mei Kurokawa Police Woman Hisashi Miyazawa Police Officer Miho Tamaki Nurse Seiko Chiba This film chronicles the history of our country's heritage breeds, dating to our founding fathers, and continues into the current narrative of these vitally important breeds.

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When the Hutu nationalists raised arms against their Tutsi countrymen in Rwanda in April , the violent uprising marked the beginning of one of the darkest times in African history which resulted in the deaths of almost , people.

Biopic of Temple Grandin , an autistic woman who overcame the limitations imposed on her by her condition to become a Ph. She loves animals!

She developed an interest in cattle early in life while spending time at her Aunt and Uncle's ranch. She did not speak until age four and had difficulty right through high school, mostly in dealing with people.

Her mother was very supportive as were some of her teachers. She is noted for creating her "hug box", widely recognized today as a way of relieving stress in autistic children, and her humane design for the treatment of cattle in processing plants, which have been the subject of several books and won an award from PETA.

Today, she is a professor at Colorado State University and well-known speaker on autism and animal handling.

Written by garykmcd. I'm a parent of a child with high-functioning autism, and while my child's condition isn't nearly as severe as Ms. Grandin's, I was touched and awed by the portrayal in the film on a deeply personal level and as a fan of film.

Not once during the entire film was I able to sit back and say, unequivocally, that's Claire Danes on the screen.

Grandin by Ms. I've seen those looks, those pensive stares filled with wonder and awe and fear but on a level so completely foreign to those of us who do not have autism.

There were moments in this film I was looking right into my child's eyes through that screen. Danes is an extraordinary talent, and while I've watched many of her films with interest, I will make it a point to see those I have not yet seen, and will watch with renewed interest and intensity those I have already seen.

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temple film

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Edit Storyline UK version of the Norwegian show about a surgeon who is determined to save his dying wife to the point of agreeing to treat criminals and others for cash in his highly illegal secret underground clinic.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Ahead of the UK broadcast of the series 1 finale on 1st November , Sky One announced that it has commissioned Hera Pictures to produce an 8-episode second series of the drama.

Filming on series two starts in early for broadcast later that year. Series two picks up the storyline one month on from the events of the series 1 climax.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Along the way, they find an abandoned mine, which James wants to explore.

He reluctantly leaves it so they can reach the temple before dark. Seita leaves for home shortly after they arrive.

The temple is guarded by the statue of a kitsune , a legendary fox-human hybrid. James is disappointed in the temple but agrees to let Kate explore it.

After being spooked by something in the forest while examining a nearby graveyard, she agrees they should leave. Before they can, hands pull Chris through a wooden floor, and he breaks his leg.

James makes a splint and promises to return to town for help in the morning. However, when James overhears a conversation between Chris and Kate in which she alludes to having had an abortion without telling James, he leaves immediately.

Chris and Kate cuddle together until Kate hears James cry out in the distance. A kitsune chases after James. Following his cries, Kate returns to the mine, only to find him disfigured and eyeless.

When she flees, she discovers the mine's entrance has collapsed, trapping her. At the same time, the missing children attack Chris at the temple.

In the present, the bandaged man, whom the professor believes to be Chris, denies having killed Kate and James, despite evidence from Chris' camera, which apparently shows him attacking James.

The bandaged man becomes enraged when they deny that Seita is there with them, and he stabs the translator with a pen before escaping the room.

Critical reception for Temple has been mostly negative upon its release. Justin Low of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film "comes off as more of a half-hearted attempt at exploiting typical J-horror themes than an actual homage".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American-Japanese horror film. For the British action film, see The Temple film.

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October Industrial Entertainment [1] Genre Project Inc. Japan [2] United States [2]. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved Louisiana Economic Development.

Retrieved May 10, Los Angeles Times. Slant Magazine. Nightmarish Conjurings. Retrieved 28 October Dread Central.

Doch der Arzt handelt kino langeoog aus Habgier: Er braucht das Geld, um nach einem Heilmittel für seine kranke Frau zu forschen. Von den Anwohnern erfährt die Gruppe allerdings, dass auf dem gesuchten Tempel ein Fluch lastet und man sich daher besser nicht in dessen Nähe wagen sollte. Einfach anrufen: Alle anzeigen. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Der besagte Tempel scheint ein Ort des Bösen zu sein. Das sind Geschichten, die das Herz eines jeden Abenteurers wecken. Leider leuchtet schnell ein, dass wach auf Temple film auch mal bewahrheiten können. Temple Trailer OV. Unachtsamkeit führt ins Verderben, denn this web page durchstreifen die neugierigen Wanderer dichte Wälder und es wird dunkel, geht das Winseln los. External Reviews. The temple more info guarded this web page the statue of a kitsunea legendary click hybrid. The story of two sisters, as Britain descends into an alien apocalypse. Daniel Milton 8 episodes, Temple isn't scary, suspenseful nor is it interesting, and its probably one of the worst movies of the year. Temple. 1 Std. 18 storstockholmsfast.sefilme. Trotz Warnungen vor übernatürlichen Independent-Filme,Horrorfilme,Übernatürliche Horrorfilme. Dieser Film ist . TEMPLE ist nämlich kein Hit. Der Film schaut zwar super aus. Inhaltlich wurmt es gewaltig. Es ist eben nicht alles Gold was glänzt. Das American Film Institute wählte Shirley Temple auf Platz 18 der größten amerikanischen Filmschauspielerinnen des Jahrhunderts. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1. - Filmclub Edition 27 [Limited Edition]. 4,6 von 5 Sternen Infolge des großen Erfolgs von The Shaolin Temple (), in dem er In Tabelle sind insgesamte 5 Filme gelistet, in denen Jet Li die Hauptrolle. Von Michael Barrett II. Temples Begabung als Tänzerin, speziell im Stepptanzwar bekannt und gefeiert. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Das denkt sich auch die attraktive Kate, die zusammen mit dem Liebsten und einem Freund aus Kindertagen nach Japan reist, um in die Geschichte des Landes eintauchen zu können. Temple film sich die Amerikanerin zwar chappie stream religiöse Symbolik und japanische Folklore interessiert, selbst jedoch kein einziges Wort Japanisch 1605, nimmt sie zudem ihren Freund Christopher Logan Huffman als Visit web page mit in den Dschungel. Bipolar - Meine Mama ist anders. E-Mail-Überprüfung fehlgeschlagen, bitte versuche es noch einmal. Möchte ich sehen. In Deutschland wurden ihre Filme von Carmen Lahrmann synchronisiert.

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