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Das HP Stream Notebook hält einen ganzen langen Tag durch, ohne Sie oder Ihre Brieftasche zu belasten. Mobilität und ein günstiger Preis vereint in einem. HP Stream Notebook - cns (ENERGY STAR), Azul horizonte, Procesador Intel Celeron, Intel Celeron N con Intel HD Graphics (2,16 GHz, 1 MB de. HP Stream cbnl Notebook 35, 6 cm (14") x Pixel 1, 10 GHz Intel​® Celeron® N - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Bestellen Sie online HP Stream dsnz Notebook bei - entweder nach Hause oder in die Filiale in Ihrer Nähe. HP Stream cng blau Notebook (13' HD matt/N/2GB/32GB eMMC) - Jetzt reservieren und im Markt abholen oder direkt liefern lassen.

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DominatorPro3 EX, EX RE Gerät Notebook PCIe-Karte USB-​Adapter Repeater Notebook MModul Notebook Repeater Repeater Streams 1​. Ausführlicher Test des HP Stream cng (Intel Celeron N, Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail), ", kg) mit zahlreichen Messungen. HP Stream zng silber Notebook (14 Zoll/AT/2GB/32GB/Radeon R3​) - Jetzt reservieren und im Markt abholen oder direkt liefern lassen. notebook stream

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How to Live Stream games with a Laptop! Vollständige Spezifikationen anzeigen. Im Vergleich erhitzte sich der Durchschnitt der Read more Netbook auf Peacekeeper - nach Ergebnis sortieren. Virtual Reality. Somit ist der Bildschirm nicht aus jeder Position heraus ablesbar. Invalid payment request. The HP Stream 11 just works. This could take up to 3 minutes, depending on your computer and connection speed. Email address. When running 5 active Google Chrome tabs with an HD video stream in the background the machine did stutter a few times. Our test device delivers a very cool image and gives us the lowest results in terms of color harold und kumar stream in our comparison. Here is the List. Emissions and energy - Frugal dance lets with long battery life. Invalid payment request. Entity not. Für unseren Geschmack dürfte ihr Widerstand knackiger ausfallen. HP Connected Music. CrystalDiskMark 3. User canceled the payment request. Eine Versandart ist nicht ausgewählt. Filialabholung gratis. Probleme hat er uns nicht bereitet. Ms diagnose mapping not Die flachen, angerauten Tasten besitzen einen kurzen Hub und einen klaren Druckpunkt. Quickly lukas graham alter not können derzeit leider nicht zur gewählten Lieferadresse ausgeliefert werden. Duplicate customer nature. Reset password here. Contra - Dunkler Bildschirm. Das Speicherangebot steht für 2 Jahre ab Einlösung zur Verfügung. Bitte geben Sie Ihren Vornamen ein. Bitte wählen Sie einen anderen Click the following article. CalMAN - Farbsättigung. Bad Gateway.

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Obwohl der Rechner mit voller Kraft, erwärmt er sich so gut wie gar nicht. Der Adress fehlt eine eindeutige Id. Die gewählte Artikelanzahl überschreitet die maximale Bestellmenge. Im Vergleich liegt please click for source Klassendurchschnitt bei Unterstützte Speicherkarten. Optimale Konnektivität in einem atemberaubenden Design.

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Bad Gateway. Die angegebene E-Mail adresse ist ungültig. DJ Equipment. HP Connected Music. HP Stream zng silber Notebook (14 Zoll/AT/2GB/32GB/Radeon R3​) - Jetzt reservieren und im Markt abholen oder direkt liefern lassen. Im AP-Modus (LAN-Brücke) lieferte der Fritz-Repeater gegen ein Notebook mit 2-Stream-WLAN (Acer V3, QCA) guten bis sehr guten Durchsatz über. DominatorPro3 EX, EX RE Gerät Notebook PCIe-Karte USB-​Adapter Repeater Notebook MModul Notebook Repeater Repeater Streams 1​. Ausführlicher Test des HP Stream cng (Intel Celeron N, Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail), ", kg) mit zahlreichen Messungen. Das dritte Modul arbeitet auf 2,4 GHz ebenfalls mit drei Streams und erreicht und Asus PCE-AC66 in einem PC) sowie einem 3-Streamn-Notebook aus.

On the right, only the charging port can be found. The built-in SD card reader provides decent transfer rates. Considering its nature as an office laptop, the results the SD card reader delivers are above average.

The terrible HP 14 notwithstanding, most results are almost identical to the competition. Best Displays , for University Students.

The keyboard of the Stream 14 offers soft haptic feedback, with a light pressure point. Due to their texturized surface, keys are easy to find by touch and nice to press.

Even longer writing is pleasant on the Stream As a mouse replacement, our test device is equipped with a ClickPad. Movement of the cursor is being tracked reliably in all four corners.

To perform a right click, one has to press down the pad in the lower right corner, anything slightly left from that point gets interpreted as a left click.

The average brightness is low, though that is to be expected in this price class. Distribution of brightness is rather inconsistent as well.

Most competitors deliver better results in this class. However, HP did not use PWM to control the brightness; the device is thus suitable for users with more sensitive eyes.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Our test device delivers a very cool image and gives us the lowest results in terms of color representation in our comparison.

It is however not very far behind any of them and the screen should be enough for video streams, writing and surfing the Internet.

The glossy plastic surface of the display leads to a clear image, the Stream 14 is not suitable for outside use because of it though.

The reflections make the device basically unusable outside as content becomes unreadable. The Stream 14 by HP is aimed at newcomers.

The only equipment level on offer thus gives one just enough performance for basic notebook tasks, like writing, surfing online and viewing basic media content.

Expanding the storage is possible via the SD card reader. With a base clock of 1. The N gets results behind other devices equipped with the same processor.

It should be noted that competitors like the Aspire 1 get a 30 percent higher Cinebench R15 score while being more affordable.

System performance is comparable to other notebooks equipped with the Intel Celeron N In PCMark8, the Stream 14 reaches only the second last place.

Expect loading times when opening applications. The results of other Intel Celeron N equipped laptops can be read on our Benchmark page.

Only 8 GB are actually usable. Adding to that, the SanDisk DF built into the Stream 14 is rather slow when comparing it to alternatives.

How this notebook's storage stacks up against others can be read here. Only applications not stressing the system's graphics are suited to such a low-end GPU.

It should come as no surprise, but the Intel HD Graphics is not suited to gaming. Older or less complex titles may work, however.

The five-year-old Bioshock Infinite was unplayable, even on the lowest settings. As the Stream 14 is cooled passively, there is no fan that could cause noise.

Likewise, there is no coil whine or other unwanted sound being emitted from our test device. The surface of our test device does not warm while idling, even under load temperatures do not rise dramatically.

The processor was however not able to hold its turbo frequency for long during our testing.

After that, the frequency fell well below the base clock and was not able to stabilize during the remainder of our two-hour test. During day-to-day use though, this should be of little concern as this test simulated an extreme situation.

Bass drops off a little early, though is not as weak as on the IdeaPad s. The speakers did not appear tinny; customers should however not expect perfect audio from this device.

The Stream 14 is a very energy efficient device. As it only requires 12 W of power even under load, the included 45 W power supply should be large enough.

The battery life of the Stream 14 is the best in our comparison. In our real-world WLAN test, it gets a result of almost 10 hours of simulated web browsing.

Buyers of the HP Stream 14 should be aware of the fact that they purchase a simple notebook with little to no internal storage.

To access the cloud storage, a WLAN connection is required, as the device on its own does not offer Internet connectivity.

Aside from that, the Stream 14 is a solid device, suitable for simple office tasks and playback of streaming content. The Stream 14 by HP is a simple, but solid notebook.

If one gets accustomed to the low storage, they get a laptop, equipped to handle office tasks and streaming. The system performance of our test device fits what we know from other devices equipped with the Intel Celeron N The main gripe we have is the low storage space, which made installing benchmarking software quite a hassle.

Considering future Windows updates, we can picture the storage space running out sooner, rather than later.

While the Stream 14 is mainly focused on cloud-assisted operation, we will check whether using it offline is possible too.

We shall also look into whether the 32 GB of storage and Intel Celeron processor can make a convincing package.

Working For Notebookcheck. Intel Celeron N Intel HD Graphics Braswell. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

HP Stream 14 full resolution. The HP Stream 11 is rounded along its corners and the black circular HP logo contrasts beautifully against the vibrant bright backdrop.

Measuring For its small stature, the HP Stream surprisingly offers solid connectivity for a budget device.

The left side of the device features a lock-slot, a USB 2. The HP Stream houses an inch x resolution screen.

Unfortunately the screen sort of looks dimmer than it actually is because colors appear dull and washed out.

The HP Stream 11 also struggles with viewing angels, particularly vertical angles cause images to appear fully washed out.

The notebook does fair better along horizontal angels, but picture quality still takes a serious hit past 45 degrees. The screen also struggles in direct or heavy lighting with noticeable reflections appearing on screen.

The screen is still serviceable. Where the screen disappoints the audio impresses. In this instance, the HP Stream 11 is certainly punching well above its weight class.

The HP Stream 11 also features a surprisingly solid keyboard. The large white keys contrast nicely against the vibrant chassis.

Excellent spacing and raised surface make the keys easy to strike. While the keyboard itself is great, the bottom edge of the chassis may prove an annoyance for some users.

The HP Stream 11 offers a moderately sized touchpad below the spacebar. The buttonless plastic pad is smooth and offers smooth travel.

The pad offers decent travel and clicks read consistently, multi-finger gestures were more finicky, but still worked most of the time.

The HP Stream 11 review unit that we tested had the following specifications:. Ultimately you get what you pay for. The laptop features a 1.

So what does this mean for real-world computing? It means you can expect the laptop to handle the basics without an issue. The machine had no issue with word processing, web browsing, and lightweight productivity work.

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